What Your Colleagues Say About the Ipsilon Vocal Excerpt Library (‘IVEL’)

‘In the future, I’m just going to throw away our old sets of materials and order from Ipsilon.’

Robert O’Brien
Head Librarian, Cleveland Orchestra

‘Working with Ipsilon for our recent aria concert was great, and it was wonderful to work with a publisher who prioritizes scholarship and fixing mistakes. My questions about different versions and orchestrations were answered right away, I felt totally confident putting this music in front of our players’.

Annika Donnen
Associate Librarian, Lyric Opera of Chicago

‘Parts arrived Friday and they are stunningly beautiful!’

Rebecca Beavers
Librarian, Atlanta Symphony

‘Your scores and parts were probably the best material in the whole show. I wish I could have had more of the reprint material done that way’.

Greg Vaught
Principal Librarian, San Antonio Symphony

‘The quality of the materials is excellent. The music engraving is beautiful, and scores and parts are ready to be put on the stands right away after delivery. The readability is excellent, and every page turn works smoothly. Ipsilon materials are free of misprints, and the parts and full score are always consistent.’

Gudny Kvam Bartoletti
Librarian, Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm

The parts are perfect. Thank you!’

Akane Oki
Librarian, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo

‘I wish all music were so beautifully printed!’

Suzanne Werdesheim
Librarian, Tallahassee Symphony

‘The quality, legibility, and accuracy of the [Ipsilon] editions was superb — and far surpassed those available from other publishers.’

Adrian Mann
Librarian, Fort Wayne Philharmonic